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Building an incineratorBuilding a  wind turbine


4-H Science and Afterschool Programs

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Discover the SCIENTIST in YOU! 4-H Science activity curriculums with non-consumable materials may be borrowed from the NLC 4-H Office. Perfect for teachers, club leaders, homeschoolers, and afterschool programs.

4-H STEMtastic! is a series of experiments and activities centered around Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Registration Form for Saturday Science 4-H STEMtastic! July 12- August 16, 2014 is available here.



4-H Turn! Burn! Learn!: Renewable Resources and Recycling Energy. Turn! Burn! Learn! is recommended for youth age 10 and up. In this project, you will design and build wind turbines, explore solar energy, make a model Leachate landfill and a model incinerator to discover the science in wind and waste-to-energy resources.


To learn more about 4-H Science and Afterschool programs, click here to see our video clips or here for our Facebook pages.

Check our online calendar for upcoming sessions at the New London County Extension Center.